Hes a real craftsman and a real gentleman, as well. . Order Mammoth Ivory for International. 1911 Full Size - Elephant Ivory Grips. Another home run Mike. Heavy grain brown Leather front and flap with internal pouches for four magazines. Theyre tough, too. These grips are made of very dense hard natural bone and will age just like Ivory over time. Our grips are made with our proprietary G-10 material in multiple textures and colors so you can find the right grip to customize your pistol. The mammoth ivory will crack while youre working on it (usually about five minutes before youre finished, Scott says, sarcastically), and it will have to go right into the trash can with the other scrap. Then CMR Classic Firearms can offer you a large selection of Luger P08 pistol parts,reproduction,original holsters and many other high quality products made for the Luger Parabellum pistol. Prices start from GBP. 850.00 / USD.$ 1,600.00 / Euro. 1,255.00, DWM P08 Luger 9mm Parabellum Military Pistol. M: 011 44 (0)7773 885556. We have been making the best pistol grips since 2003. Note: We strive to give each customer as much information as possible before they make a purchase. It wasnt long after he started that Scott hung out his shingle as SK Custom Grips, and as the orders started to come in, he found himself dedicating more and more of his off-duty time in the shop. Isnt it? Replacement grips fitted for all Luger Pistols (except grip safety model). Pistol. MAGWELL, STANDARD OR BOBTAILAll Magwell grips can be turned into Standard or Bobtail grips and Standard grips can be turned into Bobtails (at no additional cost). You can contact me by phone at 703-795-9894 or by email rob@rowencustomgrips.com Thanks, Rob Rowen Things to Consider when planning your project Having a beautiful set of custom handgun grips made is a fine way to enjoy your revolver or pistol even more. Made from solid German Walnut wood. Read more Payment Information We accept PayPal and all major credit cards. I think the OEM wood and micarta grips are well-made and functional, even attractive, but the guns are so uniformly excellent that they probably deserve a higher grade of grip than you can get from the manufacturer. 1911 Giraffe Bone Custom Handmade Pistol Grips Fits Standard Government & Comman. 100% Customer Satisfaction hand fit, filed, sanded, and polished 100% Customer Satisfaction I wouldnt have anticipated that. Just look at the stunning colors and patterns in the photos, and youll understand. 775-553-2233 702-275-7077. Bobby made 100 of these engraved, case-colored, rimfire masterpieces, and Scott hand-fitted each one of the frames with a set of beautiful, handmade walnut grips. Jake served in the Air Force, doing sheet metal work on F-15s, and now hes turning out beautiful custom grips as part of the SK team. Not looking for a revolver grip? Includes:European Walnut Stock with rust blued attaching iron, straw colour locking lever. As Scott explains, most sellers require a minimum order of 100 blocks, but a full 30% or more of them may not be any good, and will go in the trash. These are grips that are handmade by shooters for shooters. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '.google-analytics.com/ga.js'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); })(); Revolver Grips: Beretta Revolver Grips, Colt Revolver Grips , Dan Wesson Revolver Grips , Ruger Revolver Grips , Smith & Wesson Revolver Grips , Taurus Revolver Grips , Hogue Rubber Revolver Grips. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Scott describes him as a perfectionist in all that he does, and expects this trait will serve him well after he completes his formal gunsmith training at the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School. Fortunately, working with wood is a less difficult task, and theres less scrap and waste (and therefore, less expense) involved, which is probably why about 80 percent of Scotts work is done in products like French Walnut or burl Mesquite. Custom Handmade Gun Grips. Can only be shipped within the State of Texas . Manufactured from one single solid walnut wood-blank. When you grab a fistful of revolver, the interface between man and machine begins with the grips (or "stocks," if you're a Colt guy) on the gun. Giraffe bone also can be large enough to produce most styles of grips so the possibilities are endless. Bonescavenger's Deathgrips are a Legendary Hand Armor. Scott has SK Custom where he wants it, for now, but that doesnt mean he isnt planning for the future of the company. that were excavated from the ancient Yupik Eskimo village Kukuluk (coo coo' look) and traditional hunting camp sites (dating up to 6,000 years old) on St. Lawrence island in the Bering Sea. In that case you may nave some fitting to do, either way the price is the same. Heritage Rough Rider Faux Jigged Ivory Grips ONE OF A KIND!! That which we see!, Ive been excommunicated before I even met her! Uberti / Cimarron Model P Maple Spalted with scroll work $ 183.00. The Hogue Fancy Wood grips are generally either Pau Ferro or Goncalo Alves, which range from a medium to dark Walnut color. Our Standard Luger Parabellum mahogany Pistol Case which has the same traditional internal features as found on the "Hans Tauscher of New York" Vintage case. Required Physique: 240 Stamped: 1916 - STEINMETZ - Breslau. Giraffe bone grips add an elegant, classy look to your firearm.They have a uniqueness all their own. Such is the magic of a good set of grips, so I was exceptionally pleased to meet one of the industrys best masters of the grip making craft, Scott Kolar. Welcome to our Instagram Page where you find Pictures and News of Berlin's biggest monthly gay events REVOLVER at KitKat Club / B:EAST and UP. First Chigs grips, now this Im going to have to buy some additional grip holders! Unlike the commonly available "solid yellow" plastic grips which detract from the appearance and handling of a revolver or firearm, our Aged Ivory grips are made out of the best . America's favorite barbecue gun is ours too! What had started as a simple project was now quickly bypassing hobby status, and turning into a part-time business for this full-time Air Force officer. Thanks Spencer. Exhibition-grade, American Black Walnut (I wont buy the regular stuff, only the wood with intense figureAAA), burl Mesquite (Unlike Maple, Mesquite doesnt generally grow burls, so theres not a lot of it out there), Ironwood (Theres a lot of figure in Ironwood), and exhibition-grade French Walnut are favorites at SK Custom, when it comes to wood. Opens in a new window or tab. Excited by his accomplishment, Scott posted a picture of them on the Sixgunner Forum, to share with his new friends there. Its suprising to me that this excellent article and its fine photographs havent received more comments. Colt Python, Official Police, and 2021 Anaconda Grips ; Colt Pre '66 Cobra and Detective . SK Custom is also busy working on several new designs for popular Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers. He takes great pride in being part of a small club of craftsmen doing this kind of work. Copyright 1995-2023 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Complete with mounting screws. Scotts excellent work has also grabbed the attention of several big outfits, and hes signed contracts to produce custom grips for a number of special projects. Its difficult and expensive to obtainand getting more so, all the time, due to recently-adopted export restrictions in countries like Russia, who has just declared it a cultural artifactbut also stunningly gorgeous. Revolver Party Events Berlin. Tek_Tactical 1911 Grips 1911 Full Size Grips Ivory Colt Checkered Grips W Ambi Cut 79 $3200 FREE delivery Feb 9 - 13 Premium Gun Grips Compatible Replacement for 1911 Colt Full Size Carved Rosewood Grips w/Faux Ivory Accents 2 $2995 $4.95 delivery Feb 9 - 10 Small Business This is the best on the market, a very high quality reproduction. The current academic partners of MODAL are the Free University of Berlin (FU Berlin) and the Konrad-Zuse Zentrum . Giraffe bone is truly spectacular and make absolutely. John is a shooter, and doesnt baby the guns. Click here to see our Hand made and hand fit bone two piece grips In the meantime, though, hes focused on doing what he does bestmaking beautiful custom grips from the bestand often the most exoticmaterials. With the move to a bigger facility and the addition of several large contracts, it might look like SK Custom is focused on expansion, but Scott says he doesnt intend to take SK Custom down the production-level rabbit hole. Im going to have to find a way to redeem myself. Steller's Sea Cows were discovered by Georg Steller in 1741 in the Bering Sea and were extinct by the 1770's. LP08 Artillery Luger Pistol - 9mm Loading Tool. BONE:1911 Grips made from the shinbones of big old bulls. Sea Cow Bone Grips (01) - Colt 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation SAA, Sea Cow Bone Oversized Grips (03) - Colt 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation SAA or Ruger New Vaquero, 1911 Extinct Sea Cow Bone Pistol Grips (01), 1911 Extinct Sea Cow Bone Pistol Grips 04 - Sold 12.1.22, 1911 Sea Cow Bone Compact Model Pistol Grips C2, Sign up for our Boone Trading Co. email list and well send you regular notices on new collector items, sale events & more >. Theres a lot going on at SK Custom Grips right now. After some painstaking carving, sanding, grinding, and gluing, the knife looks great (for a first attempt anyhow. Good bore with strong lands. Scott laughed when he told me that the buyer explained, I want to get a collection of these before youre famous. I guess he could spot talent, early. We want to stick with doing unusual, high-end productsthe kind that you wont find duplicated on the other guys gun, when youre at the range., Theres a place for production-level products, like Altamont or Eagle Grips, but thats not who we are.. Pistol Grips: Beretta Pistol Grips, Browning Pistol Grips, Colt Pistol Grips, CZ Pistol Grips, Kimber Pistol Grips, Llama Pistol Grips, Para Ordnance Pistol Grips, Ruger Pistol Grips, Sig Sauer Pistol Grips, Smith & Wesson Pistol Grips, Taurus Pistol Grips, Walther Pistol Grips , Hogue Rubber Pistol Grips var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-9898238-6']); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); (function() { var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? Grip Fitting Colt SAA Polymer Grips Colt 51/61 Navy Colt 60 Army and Uberti El Patron Remington Cimarron Thunderer and Lightning Bone and Elk Horn Ruger Smith and Wesson Derringers Automatics Other Grips Escutcheons and Screws Original Antique Jigged Bone Grips for 1873 Colt SAA RJT#6481 $695.00 We specialize in creating fine, unique grip sets for the Model 1911 and its popular variants, as well as grips for SIG SAUER P238 and P938 models. Im always grateful for the comments, and LOVE hearing from the readers, but dont judge an articles success by them! Speaking of his workers, Scott started as a one-man operation, but before long, he added a little bit of help in the shop as the part-time operation slowly turned into a full-time operation. Grips ~ Hand made and hand fit to your gun Bone one piece Grips RJT#4764, Grips ~ Custom Bone Grips -Shown as a One Piece - Click to Enlarge Image. Home; Guns. Welcome To Cherokee Hills Exotic Grips, where we take pride in hand-crafting grips for your handgun. something out of the ordinary did happen it is covered. 1911 Magwell Giraffe Bone $ 213.00. Our grips recently used on guns for The Colt Custom Gun Shop, The Colt Collectors Association, and also on Nighthawk Custom's top of the line VIP 1911. MATERIALS: For most of our revolvers, we carry simulated Pearl and Bonded Ivory grips, as well as Rosewood, Walnut and Silver/Black grips. He also wrote the "Tactical Analysis" column at Police1.com for 8 years. Theres not a lot of guys out there who do what I doyou can probably count them on less than two hands, says Scott, and he has thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far. You dont worry about them, breaking though!! The sourcing difficulties and manufacturing losses definitely drive up the cost to the consumer, but the end result is so phenomenal, that many are willing to bear the cost of mammoth ivory. We Make Grips, Butt Plates & Grip Caps for Colt, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Beretta, Kimber & All of the Following Firearms: Comes with Wood Shoulder Stock flat-board with blued steel attaching hardware. In example, the worlds largest Nighthawk Custom retailer, North East Custom Outfitters (contact information, below), has asked Scott to build grips for their full inventory of Nighthawk Custom 1911s, to include custom ivories and even some grips made from unique materials like old whiskey barrels. Another one of Scotts essential team members is Gary Cannon, an Army vet with a mechanical mind and skilled hands, whos the Go-To Guy for just about everything in the shop. He hasnt had any of them returned yet. Some grips have both options listed. Steller's Sea Cows were discovered by Georg Steller in 1741 in the Bering Sea and were extinct by the 1770's. He estimates about 30 percent of his revolver grip orders are for the Freedom Arms guns, which is quite high, considering the small number of guns they produce every year. Buy Ruger Blackhawk, Vaquero, Single Six, Wrangler Grips Aged Ivory: GunBroker is the largest seller of Pistol Grips Pistol Parts Gun Parts All: 971961144 . Free shipping Dog chews? $40.00 + $7.50 shipping. It is often hard to tell the difference between the Bonded Ivory and real ivory grips unless you look at the underside of the grips. All grip kits are custom made to your order for color or special effects. beautiful grips. Scott speculates that he gets a lot of orders for the Freedom Arms guns because the factory offers a relatively limited choice of grips for these near-custom guns. hays, ks police department,